Abraham & the Ram

21 Nov

This past week, we celebrated Eid al-Adha, a Muslim holiday which commemorates Abraham’s willingness to sacrafice his beloved son, Ishmael (in the Bible, it is Isaac) for God.  As Abraham raised the knife above his son’s body, God stopped him and provided a ram to be sacraficed in Ishmael’s place.  Therefore, on Eid al-Adha, the families who can afford to do so slaughter a sheep (or a goat… or a camel) and divide the meat amongst the family, the neighbors, and the poor.

The day before Eid, we fasted, cleaned the veranda, and then broke the fast at sunset with domestic dates, Miranda, and molokheya bi-djaj– a yummy chicken and rice dish in a green sauce that can regrettably only be described as gooey.  Egyptians prepare the molokheya with rabbit.  The day of Eid, the girls were bedecked in faux fur and stylish ensembles bought in Agaba, some of the boys were in miniature suits, toys and dinar were liberally distributed, everyone ate lamb and candy to his heart’s content, and we visited with friends and family throughout the day.  The rest of the week we were off.  Here are a few Blackberry shots from last week’s cookout at the Dibeen Nature Reserve with my host family over holiday vacation.  Dibeen is in the North of Jordan, quite close to Jerash, and full of trees and leafy green things!

MASHOUI! Lamb from Eid al-Adha, char-grilled.

Some of my beautiful host sisters and nephews.

Eastern Orthodox Monastery within Dibeen Nature Reserve

Baptismal Fountain at Orthodox Monastery in Dibeen.

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